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How To Measure For A Bridesmaids Dress At Home

Congratulations! You've chosen your perfect dress — now, all you need to do is determine the appropriate size for the bridesmaid dress.

We've compiled a step-by-step guide on how to measure for a bridesmaid dress, complete with tips to help you achieve the best fit. Additionally, we've included common measuring errors to avoid.


You'll require a soft, flexible 60-inch measuring tape.


Wear snug-fitting clothing to ensure precise measurements.


Don the undergarments (or similar attire) that you'll be wearing on the significant day.


Put on the shoes (or similar height) that you'll be wearing on the significant day. Note down your measurements promptly to ensure accurate recording.


  • This measurement is the length of the dress from the hollow of your neck to the hemline. It helps you figure out if you should order extra length for full-length styles.

    Firstly, wear shoes that are the same height as the ones you'll wear with your dress. Then, measure from the hollow of your neck (the centre of your collarbone) to the floor.

    Even if you order extra length, you might still need to adjust the dress length because a standard amount of length is added to fit different heights.

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  • Measure around the fullest part of your bust ideally wearing the bra you intend on wearing with the dress or something similar. This will ensure the fit is accurate as possible. 

    Ensure the tape measure in parallel to the floor, wrap the tape around your back and bring it around the fullest part of your bust creating a full circle.

    Your bra size is not the same as your bust measurement. 

  • Your waist measurement is critical to get right; it most often affects sizing. Your natural waist is the narrowest part of your torso, typically just below your rib cage and about 2 inches above your belly button. An easy way to find your natural waist is to bend to one side and find your natural crease. Then, measure around your torso at the crease while keeping the tape parallel to the floor. 


    Remember, pull the measuring tape snugly against your skin for accurate measurements.

  • Stand in a relaxed stance and encircle the measuring tape around the broadest section of your hips (typically around your bottom), maintaining parallel alignment with the floor. Your hip measurement should be approximately 9 inches below your waist measurement.


    Wearing snug-fitting attire is crucial for obtaining the most accurate measurements.


Accurate Measurements are Crucial

 To obtain the most precise measurements, gently pull the measuring tape against your skin. Keep the tape parallel to the floor and avoid any drooping. Ensure you measure in the correct spot, and maintain normal breathing while measuring. Refer to our list of mistakes to avoid below for additional guidance.

Our Dresses May Run Small

Certain dresses might run a size smaller than standard ready-to-wear sizing, depending on your usual size and factors such as fabric, style, and cut. For instance, if you typically wear a size 12 in your preferred clothing brand, you may find yourself fitting into a Dessy 14. If your usual size falls within the 18-30W range, take note of mistake #2 to avoid. If the recommended size is more than one size different from your regular size, it's advisable to re-measure yourself, particularly around your natural waist. Feel free to reach out to us with any sizing queries. We're always here to assist you in choosing the perfect size.

Body Measurements, Not Dress Measurements

Our size charts provide body measurements, and our dresses are crafted with ample room for movement. Therefore, there's no need to account for additional space when selecting your ideal size. Simply compare your body measurements with those listed in the size chart.

Not Custom-Made Dresses

Our dresses adhere to standard industry sizing and are not custom-made based on individual measurements. We request your measurements to recommend a standard Dessy size that aligns with your body measurements.

When to Consider Extra Length – If you stand at 5 feet 8 inches or taller and plan to wear a heel of 2 inches or more, you may wish to opt for extra length. The decision to order extra length depends on your preference for the dress's proximity to the floor. Keep in mind that the extra length option will add either 3 inches or 5 inches, depending on your chosen dress style, and you may need to have the dress hemmed to your desired length.

Alterations are Often Necessary 

It's uncommon for a bridesmaid dress to fit perfectly without some alterations. Adjustments such as hem shortening, bodice alterations, or strap adjustments are frequently required for an ideal and flattering fit. The cost of bridesmaid dress alterations varies based on factors such as dress fabric, design, alteration specifics, timeframe, and location.

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